Helen Glover

Helen Glover is one of Australia’s most inspiring, down to earth, and succinct lifestyle coaches.  Bringing an all-encompassing style to her unique approach, she helps women move forward in their lives finding their life’s passion, their personal style, and a home interior that complements their lifestyle – all fashioned around who they are and how they want to Live Life Gorgeously.

A mum of four (including twins), a wife, a coach, and an advocate for personal power and community, like all of us she has had her share of life’s challenges and disappointments. Helen started her professional career fulfilling various roles but found her love as a successful interior designer, Helen brings an exclusive approach to designing clients’ homes around the way they live, work, and play.  Her forte is to find a connection with the client to ensure the home speaks for them ensuring uniquely designed and fabulous homes with a personalised and practical touch.

Helen’s other passion and a natural go to was in personal (life) coaching.  Helen realised she had been coaching her clients, family, and friends all along for years. She was their personal confidant, their cheerleader, their advisor.

Live Life Gorgeous


Do you remember who she was – the girl who left school?

What were the dreams?  How did life look for you?

So much time… so many other people to think of… Where are you?



Helen studied life coaching at The Life Coaching Academy and also holds a certification in Personal Styling.   After running an Interior Design Company for 6 years she also has proven success and many a published article in this area too.  Who could ask for such a well-rounded life coach?

She’ll help you awaken your spirit, create the new you who was there all along, a new gorgeous look, and a new space to start fresh.  As a coach Helen will guide you towards your own authenticity, unlocking the power you hold to achieve your wildest desires – when you believe in your gorgeous insides, as a personal stylist she’ll make you feel gorgeous on the outside, and as an interior designer she’ll make your home reflect your gorgeous future, surrounding you with your true essence from the moment you open the door. Helen believes the combination of all three of these areas brings forward such momentum it is hard to knock down!  If you wish, start with that one area – you know already which one that is!  Just make a start for yourself – have your life the way you thought it could be!

Through her extensive education, certifications, and training she has found different techniques that miraculously work for her clients:

  • Block Busters
  • Personal Growth Techniques
  • Acknowledging Patterns of Prevention
  • Personal Growth Techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping)
  • Mediation

Understanding as perhaps few other coaches do, she has “walked the walk”, been there, felt that, and succeeded both personally and professionally. Women today want someone who understands where they have been, acknowledges their difficulties, and teaches them patterns of prevention so they can move on, succeed, and feel inner peace.

“Women deserve to be pampered and healed in mind, body and soul…RD”