Life Coaching

Live Life Gorgeous Coaching is all about moving forward, breaking old patterns, and encouraging the power within to make courageous changes: Changes that redefine your own kind of gorgeous. Bringing out true beauty and creating powerful women is what we’re all about! Our unique approach restores power to women so they can fulfil their desires and dreams. Through our specialized teaching techniques and our lifestyle tools, you’ll find your gorgeous new self.  We will show you how to design a life you love by discovering your true spirit, your zest for life, and your mojo.

Working With Live Life Gorgeous

Working with Me

As founder of Live life Gorgeous, I work individually with each of my clients. My approach to coaching is about uncovering what’s holding you back, inspiring positive changes that will restore your power and self-confidence, gaining insightful clarity that will enable you to find solutions and design a life you love around your heart, your home, and a happy gorgeous you.

Let’s face it, we want to get our lives in order and move-on, to live out our dreams and passions as confident gorgeous women. Our coaching program consists of 5-6 sessions taken over a two month period. These sessions are centred on addressing those issues that keep you from realizing your dreams, creating individual goals and strategies that give you clarity, and designing a life you love.

Complementary First Meeting

Complementary First Meeting

During our first meeting, we will meet one-on-one in person, by phone, or via Skype. This is an introduction meeting to get to know one another and to determine the goals you want to achieve – whether it’s finding that powerful and gorgeous woman within after a divorce, a career change, a setback or personal change in your life that’s left you with a lack of self-confidence. You might want to find your true passion or just want to feel better about yourself and find your true beauty.  I’ll answer any questions you have and if you feel comfortable we’ll set up a session and move forward. Voila! It’s that easy to restore your dreams and design a life you love.

Holistic – Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit

Holistic – Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit

I’ve found through my years of experience that a holistic method of coaching reaps the greatest results in a minimum amount of time. This type of coaching treats the mind, heart, body, and spirit which allows you to explore a deeper understanding of the inner you and the blocks you’ve created along life’s journey that’s holding you back.

I will guide you through this supportive process: Acknowledging your situation and feelings, perceptively uncovering underlying challenges, and showing you how to clear away the rubble and connect with positive changes. This journey will bring self-awareness and balance to your life. The light comes on – there’s clarity in your life – and now you realize what a gorgeous woman you have become.

Techniques and Tools

Techniques and Tools 

These successful techniques and tools are designed to bring positive changes as you work toward transforming yourself into a goddess and loving your life.

  • Mindfulness
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping)
  • Stress Reduction
  • Acknowledging Patterns of Prevention
  • Block Busters
  • Personal Growth Techniques

Day of Design and Discovery

Lifestyle Design by You

Live Life Gorgeous “Day of Design and Discovery” is a fabulous lifestyle design service that offers a day comprised of all three speciality areas:  Coaching, Interior Design, and Personal Styling – how awesome is that!  A lovely lunch is included along with a shopping trip together with, of course, me, your favourite personal stylist.

This fabulous Day of Design and Discovery is a fully-packed seven hour day that will change the rest of your life. As an expert in all three fields I will advise you and be with you the entire day starting at 9:30 am through 4:30pm (so pick my brain).

The agenda will consist of:

  • A two hour coaching session
  • A one hour interior design session
  • A beautiful lunch on me
  • A two hour wardrobe wizardry session
  • A one hour shopping spree

Love Yourself

$995.00 $150.00 per hour with a discount of $55.00 and a lovely lunch included.

This day will transform your life. There is no place you can get this much customized attention for – Your heart – Your home – and for You.

Gift Vouchers are available for purchase. They make lovely gifts for the woman in your life. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to purchase a Day of Design for your special someone; a day filled with fun, expert advice, shopping, and an amazing lunch – just for you.   

Come treat yourself to a day that will change your life forever!